The Danish government to buy stolen data of Panama


It seems there are no moral or ethical limitations for governments when it comes to pursuing taxation. This action of Denmark buying a copy of stolen data called the “Panama Papers” in order to pursue 600 Danish names or companies who do business in or through Panama underscores the very reason people and companies take their assets legally offshore. They cannot trust their own governments to treat them legally or protect their rights.

It is no secret that governments never abide by their own constitutional limits when it means putting money into their coffers. It is our contention that all of these governments questioning Panama activities should have solid INTERNAL records of money or investment that has left their domicile.  It would seem they have the right to ask any of their nationals about their activities and profit/losses within their country.  Beyond that, what right or authority should any government have about what goes on in Panama…or any other country for that matter?

If anything good has come out of the Panama Papers debacle, it is better understanding the obvious battle lines that have been drawn between individual or corporate rights to privacy and confidentiality regarding their business versus any government’s right to spy or interfere with their citizen’s international affairs.  If nothing has been done illegally with funds in a jurisdiction like Panama, then there is no inherent right of any foreign government to demand…or less to STEAL or buy…proprietary information from Panama or any other country.

Up until the last decade or two, a company or person was presumed innocent until proven guilty when it comes to having to give up their rights to privacy.  Now we see all these neo-liberal governments attempting to eliminate all individual rights in relation to their international activities and lives.

To commit crime upon crime by buying or demanding access to all the stolen data the Panama Papers represent simply continues us down the path of global tyranny and complete loss of individual rights. This is a terrifying precedent to accept…and we DON’T accept it.


These and many other issues are being addressed in  “The Truth about the Panama Papers”.


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