Forget Panama…let’s incorporate in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Glitz & Kitsch on Display

This whole Panama Papers hype is starting to look silly. The more average investors and citizens look into these accusations, the more they see the ugly side of this “witch hunt”.

Legal pundits around the world are now coming to their senses about the stolen Panama Papers. First, no one outside of Panama has authority to tell Panama what is right or wrong according to their constitution.  Second, obviously, no one is up to telling the United States what to do about their shell corporation laws…which continue to protect the privacy of whoever incorporates…especially in states such as Nevada, Delaware, and Wyoming.  And such as it should be…

The core purpose of this hoopla is about global powers (mostly socialized governance at the core) trying to find the wealthy sources from which to plunder for their continued campaign of global wealth re-distribution.

In most countries of the world, the wealthy people and corporations pay the majority share of all taxes that support those governments.  In the USA, the top 10% of wage earners pay 80%+ of the total income taxes collected. Yet…according to the socialists…it is never enough. This is understandable as these charitable entities living on the coattails of the corporate industrial complex have no clue how to operate under a budget or produce any solid sustainable strategies for living up to their promises to constituencies who live hopefully behind their veils of insecurity.

It is our opinion that as long as the USA dollar continues to be the unofficial defacto currency of the world…you will see no powers bearing pressure on the hugest offshore entity which is the US of A. The global powers are not ready to live independently of the USA productivity and currency…because they have little in comparison to compete with. Most of the worlds governments are socialist or totalitarian…and unable to sustain their systems.  When the day comes that China and other BRIC countries have their own economic systems more in balance…that is when the economic and technology wars will truly begin. Shortly thereafter, these shell companies in the USA will begin to quickly dissapate as quickly as they grew.


These and many other issues are being addressed in  “The Truth about the Panama Papers”.



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