USA’s double standard on Panama Papers…so obvious

As we wrote in our booklet regarding the Panama Papers…it is becoming more obvious how ridiculous the accusations are regarding Panama’s offshore business being criminal. This prevarication has gone far enough!

Can anyone explain why Panama’s shell companies are any different from USA shell companies?  Why are they only attacking Panama and the Mossack & Fonseca lawfirm? Because they are easy, small targets?

Click on these other links from the article as well to get your reality check…

  • Secret offshore money helps fuel Miami real estate boom
  • Secret offshore companies trace back to condo featured on Miami Vice
  • How a drug lord washed her profits
  • The new offshore haven: Wyoming
  • Fast-living Italian fugitive used Miami firms in alleged laundering scheme
  • Stoner gun-runner drama shows up in offshore leaks
  • The middlemen who create a pipeline

Read more here:


These and many other issues are being addressed in  “The Truth about the Panama Papers”.



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