New Zealand admits being offshore haven

new zealand map                                       

It seems New Zealand is recognizing that its sovereign legal and trust system has been used by foreign entities to “hide” assets and avoid higher tax jurisdictions…in which there is nothing illegal about doing.

Now it appears that New Zealand’s leaders are going to submit to international pressures of tightening down their trust laws and divulge more private information to…whom? It would seem “to the public and New Zealand’s tax partners”.  Ok…so any public person in New Zealand can fully see any asset of ANYONE in New Zealand?

The concept of universal individual privacy has been a strong component of Western civilization for a few hundred years now. In most constitutions, the right to privacy and confidentiality of one’s assets, medical data, and what goes on in the privacy of your own home or your businesses in a foreign land have long been protected by constitutions.  Now various foreign powers want all such protections thrown out because of the recent revelations of the stolen Panama Papers which reveals a very small percentage of powerful people hiding assets alongside millions of  innocents who hold assets and bank accounts legally and legitimately.

We don’t question the right of governments to pursue thievery and questionable assets in their own domiciles. In today’s technology age, there are plenty of legal ways transactions are tracked and verified as to rightful owners IF there is any legitimate discrepancy over such accounts or assets. To overreach and proclaim that governments or banks must divulge all private information to anyone in the world who asks is both very dangerous and unlawful in most jurisdictions. There will be absolutely no protection of individual assets against tyranny and hegemony of governments worldwide. Any human who appreciates their liberty should be strongly standing against these usurpations of their sovereignty over their lives and assets.

We understand the fundamental reasons these global forces are using this stolen evidence from Panama representing mostly legal investments in order to force changes in these international and constitutional privacy laws.  Most of the western world is upside down financially when it comes to governance and social pressures pushing for redistribution of wealth. The instability of fiat currencies, central banks and global markets overall puts much pressure on the governments making the promises.  Still, that does not justify them to declare public domain on private holdings of accounts and corporations globally…unless they can PROVE that some injustice or crime has been committed.

How is it that we feel like a lone voice in the world questioning the hypocrisy of governments who on one hand classify anything they want as “top secret” from its own citizens…yet want to demand full disclosure of our assets, gun ownership, mandatory drug tests, sexual orientation, etc etc.?  And now they continue using the stolen Panama Papers as legal evidence against global citizens worldwide.

These are very dangerous times and precedences for common people to accept…


These and many other issues are being addressed in  “The Truth about the Panama Papers”.



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