Is there no shame?


Is there no shame left in the world media?  Now the motion pictures want to jump on the bandwagon of sensationalizing this criminal chain of events surrounding the Panama Papers.

This is the same writer/producer, Steven Soderbergh, who brought us the sensational documentary film, “An Inconvenient Truth”, narrated by former VP Al Gore regarding “climate change” which has turned out to contain many inconvenient “lies”.  The hype and twists on that book and movie manipulated governments and NeoCons worldwide to think they could control “climate change”. Since that time Billions have been wasted on media and government hype and jive suggesting that mankind is the sole cause of climate change…and that somehow we can reverse the change.  This has become another type of “religious” dogma of the scientific kind, hyped to support more meaningless government regulations and bloated budgets. This is not a complete cycle of the scientific method.

Now these same voices are going to tell us a story of why the wealthy elite of the world are somehow responsible for the obvious economic decay and upside-down indebtedness of most global governments and socialist systems.  Apparently…to read these criminal purveyors of stolen data and information…wealth hidden in offshore paradises like Panama (and England, USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, et al) is primarily “dirty money” hidden away by “dark forces” around the globe so as to not pay their fair share of the global socialist agenda.  These “terrible entities” who want to “hide” their money and have privacy in their affairs are assumed criminals until proven innocent.

While we acknowledge there is criminal money stashed in “foreign accounts” all over the world, that does not make banks, lawyers or the local domestic governments guilty for holding those funds.  If anything, it makes more sense to want ALL cash, dirty and otherwise, deposited in banks somewhere as this is the only way to track or find the “dirty money”.  If cash is hidden versus deposited in banks…how is any law enforcement agency supposed to identify and prove the clean versus dirty money?

Most of the western civilization has very defined, working constitutions based on “due process” of law where individual entities can be called to answer for how they obtained their assets.  Yet, since probably 99% of the Trillions held in international accounts are legitimate, post tax monies being invested honestly and protected for the rightful owners of those assets, we really question who are the criminals in the Panama Papers case.  We tend to side with individual rights over “rights of states”. That is the basic dividing line for the global revolution that is already in process. Only when individual rights of privacy and protection are protected equally to those of the state will true freedom reign on this planet.

When governments…or competitors…start claiming the right to know all our business (which can include original ideas, proprietary designs and/or future plans) before we can move OUR money somewhere else to take advantage of cheaper taxes and labor rates…then competition in capitalism is dead as we know it.  The global elite will just continue running over any individual efforts to get ahead through controlling capital available to us for our competitive ideas and businesses. It is very obvious that taxation and regulations are manipulated by big government and the corporate elite to continue thriving at the expense of truly free markets or capitalism.

We are quite sure this movie will be heavily influenced by dramatic hype as found in their “Bourne” scripts and movies, where small “offshore havens” like Panama will be made out to be public enemy #1…while the true enemies of economic global progress, these huge monolithic countries pointing their fingers at Panama and a law firm named Mossack and Fonseca, will be made out to be the “heroes”.

It is truly sad times in our world when the criminal NeoCons who control medias and big governments are made out to be the “good guys”…while those seeking privacy, liberty, and protection from “big brother” are the villains. Not a movie we want to see…


For the real book on “Panama Papers” from the Panamanian, ethical perspective…download OUR book on “The Truth about the Panama Papers” here…


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