More victims of “Panama Papers” declared innocent

panama papers sign                                                                         

More frequently  we are beginning to see balanced results for the victims of the Panama Papers criminal disclosure. As has been our contention since writing “The Truth about the Panama Papers”, a great majority of the individuals and corporations accused in these stolen papers have committed no crimes. They have been subjected to meaningless and illogical accusations of wrong doing solely because their names were on a Panama corporation or foundation.

We know it is like “beating a dead horse”, but it is ludicrous to us that so many thousands of global citizens should be subjected to such harassment and forced personal disclosure based on these stolen documents.  If someone chooses to have a business or corporation in Panama or any other domicile apart from their home country…that should be nobody’s business but their own.  To set a precedence that any of us who choose to do business or hold funds in an offshore bank or country must report our every activity to any particular OTHER government is harassment at best, and worse is a form of global tyranny.  These kinds of demands used to be the trademark of totalitarian governments like Nazi Germany or Stalin’s Russia. Now it is the USA government trying to force its citizens to divulge where their every nickle is, tax money that leaves the country and to register their personal firearms. This is a scary and unconstitutional demand for a country that claims to be the beacon of “liberty and justice for all”.

One must wonder at the sensationalism caused by this debacle of the Panama Papers. If it had been discovered that these same people or companies had these funds and companies established in the USA or Europe…would anyone be asking these same questions?  Why is Panama any different than anywhere else people do foreign business?  You think there is no “dirty” or drug money in the USA and Europe?  HA!  They are the biggest offshore havens for anyone but Americans.


These and many other issues are being addressed in  “The Truth about the Panama Papers”.



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