German version of the “Panama Papers”

Much to our chagrin, Frederik Obermaier and Bastian Obermayer, the two authors and conspirators to use stolen data in order to make their “big hit” in investigative journalism have published their book.  NPR, Wired and all kinds of media are supporting these criminal promoters who have for a year had possession and organized for distribution stolen, private information.  Next thing you know, these guys could be up for the Nobel prize or at least the equivalent in journalism.  These are GREAT times for DARK and irresponsible journalism.

We have not and will not read the book unless it is free.  We will not give 1 cent to such shoddy and unethical journalists or writers.  We will not even post a link or the name of their book on our site or blog.  We want nothing to do with these false pariahs.

Questions to ask yourself before you support them…

  • Have they ever been to Panama?
  • Do they recognize the ethical problems of these actions at all?
  • What are their true motivations for pushing this campaign of global intrigue?
  • What are their qualifications to even measure the legal and moral issues presented by this stolen data?

The only thing that we can hope is that Mossack & Fonseca’s new legal offensive to find and punish those behind this crime reaches to these opportunists who have used it for their own gain.  This global support of these people is like making a hero out of someone who found the greatest cache of stolen loot in the world and began distributing it to the “poor”…accept in this case the poor are mostly just poor in judgement and ethics.

We have been asked, “Well, doesn’t your book and writing basically support all the world’s biggest political robber-barons, terrorists and drug lords who hide their money “offshore”?”  The easy to understand answer is…”No, we don’t condone politicos, drug lords or terrorism running on dirty/stolen money anywhere, anytime.  But we also don’t believe TWO wrongs make a RIGHT…or that the end justifies the means.”

If some drug lord was down on the corner giving away dirty money he stole from other drug lords…we would not go see how much he would give us.  We would call the police or authorities.  Yet, our immoral world has come to the place where “taking his money would be alright because we are just taking back from “bad guys” what they stole from someone else.  They shouldn’t have it… but WE should”.

The world has gone nuts over these illegally begotten revelations, but we hope one day “due process of law” will catch up to ALL those who are currently profiting and gloating in their newly found “day in the sun”.


For the real book on “Panama Papers” from the Panamanian, ethical perspective…download OUR book on “The Truth about the Panama Papers” here…



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