The world panic over Brexit

scratching heads brexit                                                                                                  “Scratching their heads in the EU”

It is perplexing to us why most of the world appears in panic over Britain’s historic vote to leave the European Union. Was the union truly so fragile that Britain’s leaving could be the end of it?  If so, then “something is rotten in Denmark”.

From most of the reports, it appears the older, mature and conservative voters drove the referendum for exit while the younger, socialists, unionists and unemployed tended to vote to stay having been promised that they would somehow have more jobs and security being run by the EU.

We do not pretend to have an insiders knowledge of the UK’s mindset, but being that they are extending the fallout to the USA and the labor class…we do understand that mentality. The neocon progressives of today want global governance over national sovereignty. These global politicos want to be the REAL power with sovereign leaders simply there as figure heads, much like the monarchy of England. The global politicos think they know what is better for the world and for each country represented. They have no nationalistic needs or ambitions.  They simply answer to the global bankers and billionaires who are already manipulating and regulating international markets and propagating wars into the biggest wave of  wealth redistribution the world has ever seen…right into their own pockets.

While it often seems preferable to want to take care of the poor at the cost of the rich or help small failing states maintain their sovereignties at all costs, there always comes a point of reason and rationality.  Wealth is never  developed or maintained by TAKING from the rich and GIVING to the poor.  It is developed by maintaining equal opportunity  of rich and poor to compete in the marketplace or get equal treatment in wages regardless of their race, creed or class.

Equal “treatment” does not mean equal wages.  Wages should always be based on competitive abilities and market demands…not just demands that I am a breathing person who needs a job. Especially in today’s age of technology, we must push all humanity to learn and adopt technology to qualify for jobs and improve their daily lives. We do not see this happening through global socialism and controlling of markets for the elite.

Based on our market driven beliefs…we applaud the bravery of the majority of British voters for believing they can do better without the tethers and controls of the EUs non-elected politicos telling them what they can do where and for what price.  We applaud the spirit of pride and independence that believes they can better negotiate their own way in global markets by competing freely versus living with the handcuffs of failed economic, immigration and military policies that have Europe in a very weakened condition.  This panic over Britain’s exit just underscores the fragility of this experiment of a union.

Perhaps now those who led the way to this exit can show what true leadership is all about. We think in the long run, being a strong independent nation is the way to go…living in peace and prosperity within their controls, not the foreigner’s. Instead of forcing a country like Britain to bail out other weaker economies such as Greece, Spain and others with such terrible balance sheets, Britain will be able to focus more on their own needs and righting their own economic ship.

Perhaps this is the beginning of the end of the “too big to fail” mystique that had the USA government bailing out Wall Street in 2008.  This will hopefully be an example of how breaking up a huge out of control consortium can make for more productive results when managed in a smaller or unique organization.

Our analogy to this story is a reverse version of the “prodigal son”.  This biblical story had the son asking his father for his portion of inheritance NOW in order to spend it as he desired with his youthful senses of adventure.  He came back years later with empty pockets and begging forgiveness.

In this case, the parent state of Britain has chosen to leave the prodigal sons of the EU before they suck all the life blood out of any productivity that remains in the region. Soon the only EU members left will be the weak, socialist, ignorant prodigal brothers and sisters of the EU.  We predict better tidings for the UK.  The parents know better how to survive.  In the long run, the rest of the family will come around.

The “Wizard of Oz” syndrome has been discovered behind the curtain of Brussels’ EU leadership.  The little people behind the leadership curtain are now exposed as the fearful, spineless wizards of manipulation many of us always thought they were.

For now…we predict great opportunities for investing in global markets based on the insecurity and fear these British actions have caused. We especially believe in the British pound and domestic stocks and bonds based on so many fearful selloffs.

As Warren Buffet always says…“Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Greedy When Others Are Fearful”


These and many other issues are being addressed in  “The Truth about the Panama Papers”.


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