Investigating the Investigators – Panama Papers

investigating papers

This article today rightly asks a number of pertinent questions regarding the ethics and rights of the ICIJ (International Consortium of Investigative Journalists) to pick and choose what parts of the Panama Papers to release and when.

There are a number of ethical contradictions being carried out by those journalistic organizations that were given all the stolen data:

Number 1…if this data is criminally obtained, do they not have the legal obligation to turn it ALL over to legal authorities as evidence…and if they don’t are they not complicit in the crime and liability?

Number 2…do they not have an obligation to return what was stolen to the original owners… in this case, Mossack & Fonseca?

Number 3…is the world to allow such journalists to play god, judge and jury regarding who should be outed and whose privacy should be protected?

Number 4…and finally, how is it a non-profit like ICIJ in Washington DC can broker and/or withhold information for a price and bleed this situation for every cent and false “award” that can be generated?

It is alarming to us how so much of the world thinks they have a right to know and pass judgement on these thousands of investors and corporations who hired Mossack & Fonseca to advise or service them.  It would be similar to think that if the millions stolen in “the greatest diamond heist in the world” were recovered…somehow a majority of governments would think they deserve a piece of the spoils.

If justice ever has its day on this fiasco…we predict that these news organizations will be held accountable in this combination of criminal activities at a very high price…and rightly so. The end does not justify the means in these actions.


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