Panama Papers awarded Investigation of the Year


Now they are giving out awards to the 300+ journalists who have used stolen data to create a global smear of thousands of legal offshore entities.  This is truly a black day in journalism.

We are in the process of researching the history of journalism and its ethics for publishing in a future book, but for the present we must question the integrity of modern journalists such as the Washington-based International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), who commit or reward criminal actions in order to “get a story”…or worse yet…”get a targeted victim”.

The ethics of using technology itself is also called into question when governments OR media can listen in on private conversations of cellphones, Skype and other new communication technologies. With the enlightenment we now have from the whistle-blowing of Edward Snowden to the releasing of government papers via Wikileaks by Julian Assange who is years later still in virtual prison of the Ecuadorian embassy in London, we have seen how the governments that get hacked disapprove of those so bold to “out” the government’s secrets.  Those are the people who should be getting awards for risking their lives and freedoms in order to rightly inform the masses of what the “lords of government” are doing behind closed doors and sealed records.  Now these same governments want to reward and use stolen private records to go after legal tax avoiders?  You can’t righteously have it both ways.

In just systems of law, evidence obtained through torture or illegal means is worthless in a court of law.  Yet today we are seeing awards given to journalists who without due process of any law are accusing, and even slandering, famous and infamous people alike…and so far they are heroes for doing it.

One thing EJ Publishing will always stand for is NOT making accusations against subjects with stolen or unsubstantiated documentation.  Slander and hyperbole have no place in ethical journalism.  It is obvious that many of the worlds medias are under governmental controls. This is not a good thing.

Its one thing to accuse thieves of possessing what does not belong to them.  It is another thing to use journalism to blindly attack wealth and pushing for socialism and wealth redistribution by attacking low-tax sovereign countries.  Since when do we give awards for that kind of journalism?


Get the full story on the “Panama Papers” here…  Buy-Now-Button-2

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