Palestine – The Truths that Neocon Controlled Global Media Never Reveal

A friend of mine has done extensive study on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict as well as Zionism…and not surprisingly offers insight not covered by the neocon controlled global press. Of all the articles and videos he has sent me, this one impacted and explained things the most clearly and concisely…put together by a Jewish American girl who lived for a bit with the Palestinians on the West Bank. I encourage you to take the time to expose yourself to these truths…

As most of my friends and family know, I was previously married to a Jewish woman in Mexico. I spent almost 3 years living in the Jewish community of Mexico City. I learned and lived first hand many of the Jewish traditions and culture and continue with tremendous respect for my Jewish friends and their traditions. Yet over the years I have been very suspect of the origins of conflict in the Middle East and the US governments unilateral support of the Israeli state with practically zero support or understanding of the Palestinian side of that conflict. My personal understanding of the balance probably started with the required course at my university on Middle East History. I still have the books from that course…and they remain relevant.

Bottom line for me…it appears obvious that in the USA and our government, there is little balance of coverage regarding the ongoing conflict…and now APARTHEID is happening in Palestine. The continued conflict has little to do with religion, and mostly to do with controlling land and birthrights between the state of Israel and the Palestinian people. Zionism in and of itself if you study it becomes a suspect movement…backed by other foreign powers for selfish reasons and gains. Being that the US taxpayer supports Israel to the tune of $10.2 Million per day…we should all be a little more concerned about whether we are truly informed on the issues there…that continue to impact us and our national deficit HERE.

This is a political issue…not a religious one. This has very little to do with Judaism. And I now join a chorus of others including many Jewish people around the world who question the actions and reasons for a USA backed Israeli government that maintains apartheid treatment of the Palestinian people on the very lands they controlled and owned not too many decades ago. If this is not resolved, this will turn into the extinction of the Palestinian people and culture. While many of us may have no understanding or even problem with that since “it doesn’t affect us”…it truly would be a travesty in light of modern globalism which requires all humanity to learn to share and get along if we are to have peace. The Zionist government is doing a very bad job of leadership in that department…and I think this video demos it as well as anything I have seen.

The Palestinians leadership has not been without culpability in this. I believe many if their leaders like Arafat have done their people a great dis-service and enriched themselves from their representative roles of the people without having positive affect on behalf of the Palestinians. But this is no longer about that. It’s time to move on and forward.

Israel is treating Palestinians basically the same as the USA treated the American Indians in history. Any reasonably educated person knows and understands the travesty of that in light of history and basic morality. It also could be compared to slavery and inhumane treatment of people of color throughout the western world in the last couple centuries. IF we are a “Christian nation” in the USA (which I don’t believe is true), we need to be showing a bit more charity and support on the Palestinian side of this conflict. It’s time to question the Neocons and follow their money. It is no longer about historical religious perspectives. It is about basic human rights and balance in the modern world. It is time to look beyond FOX and CNN coverage of these issues.

If we truly want peace in the Middle East…the best place to start is resolving the Palestinian crisis.

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