Mossack & Fonseca Keep Surrendering

mossack fonsecamf statement

With today’s news that the Panama law-firm Mossack & Fonseca is closing immediately their three key offshore locations in Jersey, Isle of Man and Gilbraltar…we remain dumbfounded at their capitulation to the foreign powers who have stolen their data and now fire false accusations and create false perceptions of them almost daily.

In addition, they are closing MF Services based in Las Vegas, Nevada which handled their US clients and corporate entities. One has to wonder who is pointing the guns at the heads of this firm.  Is this some strategy in order to protect other core business that is not yet publicly known?  Do they think they are on such shaky legal ground?

This next week we will publish our booklet, “The Truth about the Panama Papers”.  It will present a better case for offshore asset planning and legal tax avoidance than Mossack & Fonseca are making. It is a must to have free trade and tax competition in the world if we are not to be dominated by the global corporate/government syndicates who want to do away with competition, free enterprise and free association.

That Panama and Mossack & Fonseca are caving to these external powers is a huge concern for the independence and sustainability of the progress made in Panama this past decade.

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