My enemy is my friend is my enemy is my…

middle east map
Is anyone as confused as I am about our USA government’s Middle East foreign policies?

Every day I am fed international news feeds much more complete than CNN or FOX will ever cover regarding the world’s conflicts.  I am now convinced our USA government leaders are soooo delusional and misinformed about the multiple factors and players in the Middle East…we  “the people” should absolutely forbid any military or economic involvement in the region (or the world for that matter) until our representatives can  TRUTHFULLY and KNOWLEDGEABLY convince Americans of a balanced and stable understanding or strategy for the region.

I can think of so many places the USA military is stationed where we obviously have little control or understanding of the country’s culture or history…yet we put in harms way so many of our fighting forces FOR NO GOOD REASONS. I personally believe our government is crying wolf on “terrorism” and “USA interests”.  Our government is more about hidden power’s interests than they are the interests of citizens/taxpayers of the USA.

Besides our blind support of Zionism and apartheid in Israel against the Palestinian peoples, and our decades of collaboration with arguably the most fundamentalist Islamic state of Saudi Arabia… the Iran story is now the greatest irony when it comes to US foreign policy.

For decades our government has declared Iran the most feared Islamic enemy state since our support for the tyrannic government of the Shah of Iran turned into total disaster in the 70s.  We supported Saddam Hussein in his war against Iran shortly thereafter…and later the weapons we supplied Saddam (including the infamous and missing “weapons of mass destruction”) were used back against the USA coalition forces in both Bush Srs and Jrs presidential invasions of Iraq; pre and post 9/11.

It now seems clearly evident to most people with their eyes and ears open that it was SAUDIS and possibly Israel’s Mossad behind the 9/11 tragedy.  Not the Taliban or Iraq. Yet…in response to that horrific event our government chose to invade Iraq and Afghanistan…in pursuit of the Taliban.  15 years and Trillions of debt dollars later we are still in both of those countries militarily and STILL spending Billions we don’t have in propping up “our side” of the fabricated story.

Libya is still a mess since USA coalitions took Qaddafi’s regime down. Many countries in Africa are now being over run by ISIS type of forces.

NOW our forces are in Syria after initiating and supporting the take down of Syria’s long term government and enemy of SAUDI ARABIA, the house of Assad…much at the bequest of our best “friends” in the region…Israel.

We (American taxpayers) still support Israel to the tune of 3+ million per DAY while they competitively kick our economic butts in so many markets. Israel now claims that IRAN is the greatest threat to them in the Middle East…and Israel has OUR politicos right in the middle where they want them to help threaten obliteration of Iran should they implement nuclear arms. Of course, it is OK that Israel has those arms…much of which was given or sold to them by USA supply and technology. And we Americans wonder why most Arab countries hate America?  Its not our culture, freedom or even “Christianity” they hate as much as our empirical realigning all their borders post World War 2, and then enforced those borders with bombs and armaments being trained on them with threats of obliteration.  Imagine how we Americans would feel in similar circumstances.

Russia has now entered the game militarily and diplomatically supporting the Assad regime in Syria while they also back Iran against the threats of Israel and the USA. The USA is now talking about potential joint strikes against ISIS with Russia…but with completely different objectives.  Russia wants Assad in power and the USA wants a new government there…we just don’t know who it seems. We want “the people” to decide…though we have little idea who they are.

In the middle of all this drama…Iran has come out as one of the few Middle East countries who have been both anti- Taliban and anti ISIS. ISIS…which is not a state sponsored entity…is now the “biggest threat” to the USA and Middle East countries and what fragile peace exists in some countries.  So while it seems so many of these countries are united against ISIS…there are also many threats and guns pointed at common coalition members who are against ISIS. Israel and the USA now supply weapons to entities and countries we also have armaments aimed at!  We also have battle plans drawn against Iran and the Taliban…while at the same time Iran and the Taliban are jointly fighting against ISIS in the region. Someone needs to come out with a cartoon caricature of this idiotic combination of bumbling, political ideologies. While our Defense companies in American cannot LOSE since they are supplying arms to friend and foe alike in the region…true liberty minded Americans MUST start asking what the hell our government and military is doing there!

Until our government can come clean on all these decades of Middle East drama…American citizens should call for complete withdrawal of our troops and military from these undeclared “conflicts”. We have no clear lines of who is our enemy and who is our friend.

We should then spend a lot more time and resources on pursuing all the secret, classified, hidden agendas the USA government has covered up for most of this last century in the Middle East regarding 9/11, Saudi Arabia and the current Zionist apartheid in Palestine.

We need to let the Middle East countries hash out their civil and religious wars for themselves…while redirecting our assets both financially and militarily to defending our own borders, rebuilding our own infrastructure and economy for the average American…not just the Neocons and Defense industry who get rich from these strategies. This alone would pay for all the welfare and retirement programs the USA government has agreed to pay its citizens. This act alone could pay for a true universal health policy for all uncovered Americans.

If we don’t withdraw from our meddling, I fear we will be part of the reason for World War 3 which many people more qualified than myself  have predicted will happen if we continue down the same road of failed strategies, lost friends and misplaced revenues of the past few decades. Maintaining our current course will continue making the dark forces behind the USA political system very happy economically and “in power”…but everyone else in the world, including you and me, will LOSE.

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